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Sealanes Marine Services, Inc. is a Philippine corporation engaged in the supply of Filipino workers and seaferers to sea-based and offshore projects worldwide since 1978.


To Our Clients          ______________________________________________________________________________________

SMS provides maritime personnel, officers and ratings, for ocean-going vessels such as:

     Roro Vessels
   Heavy Lifts
     Passenger Ferries      Anchor Handling Vessels
     General Cargo      Supply Vessels
     Bulk Carriers      Multipurpose Vessels


SMS provides its client on a regular basis management report that will give the client a overview  of the status of its personnel.

* Recruitment and selection
* Testing and training
* Processing and documentation in compliance with the requirements of the foreign employer and of the country of work assignment
* Planning and scheduling of work / leave rotation of workers
* Coordinate departure and arrival of workers
(including air, sea and land transport) Personnel administration and human resource development
* Payroll administration
* Management reporting
* Provides updates on developments in legal, governmental policies and labor market

To Our Workers  ______________________________________________________________________________________

Incentive offered to our workers:

* Competitive Wages
* Job Security
* Career Advancement Opportunities
* Training / Upgrading
* Seniority Pay
* Insurance
* Re-joining Bonus
* Stand-by pay
* On-time payment of salaries and wages
* Assistance to families in times of emergency
* Christmas package for family member


* Performance Appraisal
* Training and Development
* Career / Succession Planning
* Seniority Pay


* Competitive salary structure and benefits
* Career growth opportunity
* Continuous employment
* Family relation

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