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Nationwide Sourcing and Monitoring of Applicants                                                                                                                                                               

Our office is located at 8th Floor Pryce Center Building, 1179 Don Chino Roces Ave., corner Bagtikan Street, Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City, Philippines. It is manned by competent recruitment staffs who are widely knowledgeable and specialized in sourcing and selecting seafarers, both Officers and Ratings.

SMS has implemented a software program that supports the management of the entire personnel database of our seabased and offshore personnel. This system is a multi-user program that facilitates the administration of the following:

*  Personnel Management

*  Personnel Planning Deployment

*  Payroll

*  Employment Contracts

This system facilitates the monitoring of the availability of the Seafarer reserves in our manpower pool. This system prevents backlog in the retrieval of names and notification of Seafarers for specific overseas jobs. A mobilization staff is employed to conduct person-to-person contact with applicants and those selected ones.


Management Information System                                                                                                                                                                                                               

With the very dynamic and fast-paced Information Technology advancement that is happening today around the globe, SMS and MRA continue to provide external and internal clients with advane, secure and reliable IT systems. From acquiring modern computer hardwares to developing steadfast in-house software using new technologies, we are able to contribute in automating essential day to day work procedures. Furthermore, with all this computerization, we never take for granted the virtue of professional and responsible computing by investing in operating software licenses and updating them when the need arises. SMS and MRA Management Information System (MIS) Department also periodically offers trainings/seminars on latest computer technology to in-house users to be able to equip them with enough knowledge that will help them with their daily office tasks. The most recent of these trainings/seminars that are being conducted are Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2007 and Preview of Microsoft Office 2010. These trainings are vital to us since MRA and SMS IT goal is to create a modern IT foundation not only for its users but also for systems infrastructure we provide.

Below are some of the major developments in terms of Information Technology being made and implemented by Management Information System Department. 

DCLSys - is a Maritime Crew/Personnel System that stores, process and plans Crew data and is capable of producing various report needed by the Operation Department. Built using Visual Basic 6, SQL, Adobe Photoshop and Crystal Report.

MRS ( Manpower Requisition System) - is now being used by both our MSDG and Operations Department for information exchange. MRS is an online "request-and-serve" system that allows MSDG to view and serve our Operations manpower requirements. It has ability to generate reports needed by both departments. Coded using Visual Studio .Net, Ajax and Crystal Report.

DCL Automated Payroll System (DCLAPS) - a Crew Payroll system that computes crew salaries, benefits, bank raw data, allotments, government contributions, etc. DCLAPS is capable of generating pay slips, bank diskettes, payroll summary and other payroll reports. Dollar and Peso DCLAPS is being used by SMS and MRA. Built in Visual Studio .Net, Framework 2.0 and Crystal Report.

Manpower Pooling System (MPS) - is a computer application designed to organized and systematize recruitment procedures. This system is a step-by-step computerized process of filing applications, initial applicant assessment, technical interview and final assessment. Built under Visual Basic, Crystal Report and Adobe Photoshop.

DCL Intranet - a dedicated intraner site for SMS and MRA. Here you can find list of company events, news, department programs, telephone directory, table of organizations, documents and a lot more. Built using CSS, Javascript, J-Query, Mootools, Macromedia Flash, Visual Studio .Net, and other advanced application developmetn tools.

In-house Crew Payroll System (IHoPS) - is a VB6/VB.Net Framework 2.0 via SQL 2005 made accounting system for in-house employee payroll generation. This system ease the tedious manual encoding of payroll data and capable of generating payroll data and reports with just a click of a button.

Time and Attendance Monitoring System - is a system used for recording Attendance-related concerns such as Time-in/Out, tardiness, overtime and is capable of automatically pushing data to IHoPS for payroll preparation. TAMS uses bar code matrix as scanner for ID barcodes and was built using VB6 and SQL combo with Crystal Report as report designer.

Human Resources Information System (HuRIS) - is a system designed to meet Human Resources requirements on Personnel Management, Leave filing, automated CV generation and other pertinent HR-related operation. Built using VB6 as fron-end and SQL as backend and Crystal Report as report designer.


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